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Natalie Settles - Artist : The homepage of artist Natalie Settles


News and events about Natalie Settles' work and career

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News and events about Natalie Settles' work and career
natalie settles, natalie, settles, artist, art, news, works on paper, drawing, wall drawing, wall drawing installation, installation, social sculpture, social practice, prints, printmaking, botanical drawing, victorian design, decorative arts, sculpture, sculptures, art-sci, art and science
Copyright (c) Natalie Settles
30 Days

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  • http://www.pittsburghurbanmedia.com/Artist-Natalie-Settles-Commissioned-to-Create-New-Artwork-for-Hillcrest-Senior-Residences-/
  • http://bloomfield-garfield.org/penn-ave/penn-ave-reconstruction/
  • http://www.carnegiemnh.org/programs/lectures/moriarty/

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